Blue Beat Soul Music

Soul and roots songwriting


Quinn DeVeaux was a child of two worlds.  Born in Gary, IN he was brought up Baptist on one side, Jehovah’s Witness on the other.  One Sunday hollers from the seats, the next Sunday folks waited patiently to be called upon. Some of Quinn’s sound lives in the place where ideologies fold hands together in curious thought and shocked sobriety.  The folds where R&B, Soul and Funk form seated crane.  Since the beginning QD was wanting to set a fire beneath the dancers in the San Francisco Mission district. Wanting to burn the night down with soul and the deliverance of immediate truth. Quinn sings from the heart and tries to get a message across that is timeless and urgent and full of Joy.  Creation flickers as a spark before it charges the wood with flame.  Illumination. Quinn DeVeaux tries to burn it down every time, every night.  The band uses the passion and hip shaking love grooves of the past and melts them into a present and vital sound that’s bound to remind you of something you used to know and would love to know still.  Something that used to call you in the night, wrest you from your seat and onto the dance floor with a smile. Something you want tonight, something you want tomorrow.  The celebration of the moment through dance and song.  This is the new Blue Beat.